Baked Goods at the Market

19488dAnother delicious and popular reason to visit a farmers market is for the baked goods. There is a wide variety of these that you can find. However a few types are fairly standard:

  • Pies

A perennial favorite, handmade pies often incorporate fruits grown by local farmers. These pies take advantage of the fact that produce growing seasons dictate what will be available at different times of the year. The flavours at markets will change depending on the farmer’s crops, as explained previously on this site, and the types that have been popular with customers at previous markets. Many farmers will experiment with blending different fruits to create unique and special pie flavours you would not normally see at the store.

  • Breads

Many of the ingredients that are required for homebaked breads can be found on local farms. Using their own milk, butter, and eggs, farmers bake delicious breads to sell alongside their produce. These breads can often be a wonderful complement to serve with the produce you purchase at the market. Among common bread types are whole wheat, white bread, dinner rolls, and baguettes. Some farms will have more options depending on the types of crops they grow on their farms as well as the baking facilities they have available.

As baked goods become more popular to sell at farmers markets, the options are growing in number. Some farms are beginning to sell sweeter options such as cookies and cupcakes at farmers markets. These delicious treats are frequently made with ingredients grown exactly on the farms that sell them.

Baked goods might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of farmers market foods. However, farmers are working to change that by providing customers with lots of bread, cookies, pies, and other original options to satisfy them.