Farmers Market Benefits

benefits_shutterstock_180805151If your local community has a farmers market, congratulations! These excellent events create a wonderful chance for customers to access the best crops at reasonable prices. Since the farmers are local, there are no transportation costs or handling fees that many grocery stores need to change customers – and when there are, they are cheaper.

Additionally, you will likely get to meet the people that grow the crops you are purchasing, or in some cases their families. Markets are typically filled with farming families who have been working for generations. They are extremely knowledgeable about what they grow, and can frequently offer you great insight into the food you are getting. Often, the farmers can also give you great cooking tips and recipe ideas. After all, they eat them too!

Farmers markets are a good way to learn just where your food comes from and how it is grown. If you have ever been concerned about the way food is produced, then you might want to visit one of these. You can ask the growers what methods they use, if there are pesticides used, and how they protect their crops. Learning about the food you eat can make you more confident about the ingredients you use.

Taking your children to a farmers market is another great option. Teaching kids about where the food they eat comes from and the people that grow it will give them new perspectives on the food they consume. It is important for children to learn healthy eating habits, and bringing them along can teach them the benefits of eating healthy fruits and vegetables every day.

These markets also give a solid boost to the local economy. They are important to generate needed revenue for farmers and give the community a chance to interact. Attending a farmers market is a wonderful way to get to know your local growers and find delicious new foods to use in your everyday cooking.