Farmers Market Community

community-eventsHow do you support your community? One of the best ways to help ensure you have strong ties and a flourishing local community is to actively support local businesses. Communities that have farmers markets give you an easy opportunity to get involved and support them.

These markets give both small businesses and farmers an easy way to showcase their produce and specialty foods. The owners appreciate the camaraderie and stability that comes with knowing they will be able to rely on their sales from these markets to boost their incomes.

Often, the same growers come together at various markets throughout the region. This core group makes up the stable backbone of a lot of local community markets. They exchange tips and ideas with other local producers, and help to support new growers. The farmers market community can be extremely important to a local economy. While many farmers sell crops to larger markets in other cities, they also rely on the funds they make at local events like markets in order to keep their businesses running.

Similarly, many visitors have established a bit of an informal community. Some people go to the same farmers market (or markets) regularly. This can be because those have the best options, or the best atmosphere. Whatever the reason, these regular customers get to know their growers and often the other regular attendees.

Farmers markets are a wonderful opportunity for the local community to get together and support each other. They are a good place for growers to exchange ideas and for customers to select the healthy and delicious crops grown right in their own community. Attending a farm market and purchasing locally can boost the economy and can contribute to the duration of these events for years to come, in spite of those of who thinks that it’s just a passing fashion.