Meat and Dairy Options

daves-raves-eggs-meat-poultryMany farmers markets will also have booths giving you access to meat and dairy options. These locally produced foods are another excellent reason to visit farmers markets. You can talk to the farmer about how the animals were raised, what they were fed, and whether or not they were free range. For many customers, these questions are important. It is typically difficult to know the truth when buying meat and dairy goods at a common grocery store. Markets give you the opportunity to go straight to the source and talk to the farm owners themselves.

Some of the meat and dairy goods you will find at farmers markets are:

  • Eggs

Many local farms keep chickens and harvest the eggs they produce.

  • Milk

Farmers will occasionally sell bottles of milk out of ice chests or coolers at farmers markets.

  • Handmade Cheeses

Farms that have dairy cows or goats will frequently experiment with creating different types of cheese. These fresh cheeses are a great way for them to turn the milk their animals produce into another source of food and potential revenue.

  • Cured Meats

While most farms will not bring raw meats to markets, they will bring cured, smoked, and aged meats. Farmers markets are great places to find extensive beef jerky options because they last a long time and are easy to store and sell.

You might also find order forms for specific meats at farmers markets. While it often isn’t possible or sanitary to bring items like raw beef, pork, and poultry to farmers markets, they can still be purchased. Farmers give their customers the option to order certain pieces of meat and have them delivered or picked up at a pre-arranged time. If you are interested in purchasing meat but do not see any at the market, ask the farmers if they also sell cuts of meat from their farms.