Seasonal Produce Availability

10096964-availability-stampWhile many market goers wish that every type of produce was available year-round, it simply isn’t the case. This is slowly changing, with scientific advancements that make it possible to sometimes extend the growing season for certain types of fruits and vegetables. However, typically there is only a small window of time where you can enjoy specific produce. If you are craving a type of fruit, or need a certain vegetable for a recipe, it is best to check if it is in season before expecting to find it at your farmers market.

What produce is available will also depend heavily on the location of the farmers market you are attending. If you are traveling, you should expect to see new types of fruits and vegetables available than you would see at home. Different cities have vastly different crop schedules, that are influenced by many factors. The local soil, wildlife, and climate are three of the biggest factors in growing crops. The weather might be perfect for growing a specific type of produce, but the soil might not provide the best conditions for that particular crop. Farmers need to consider everything when choosing what they will cultivate.

It might seem like crops are only grown based on the weather, and this is partly true. There are many other factors to consider though, including local tastes. While the weather might be perfect for a certain crop, farmers might simply choose not to grow it because it is not popular in that region. It can be surprising to find that farms work so heavily to accommodate demand over how easy it is to grow a certain crop. Since selling produce is a good portion of their income, farmers are forced to consider what will sell the best. This typically drives their growing schedule more than any other factor.