The Difference Between Farmers Market and Produce Shopping

Quite often individuals will shop at the farmers market mostly because it’s a novelty and a convenience. Many will use this shopping excursion as a family outing on a Saturday morning as it gives them a great opportunity to purchase their produce. What has to be considered is the great benefits over and above what this type of shopping brings to the consumer when you compare it to a produce shop.

Produce Shop

produce-shopWhen going to a specific Produce Shop to buy the produce that is needed for the family one of the advantages is being able to get a full selection of produce that may not be in season. What also comes with this type of shopping is a lot of disadvantages and sacrifices. One of the most important of these is the price that is attached to the purchases. Most of the produce that is not in season is being imported which escalates the price which is passed down to the consumer.

Another factor that has to be considered is that the quality of the imports is not nearly as good as that which is a bought from the local farmers market. There is a big difference from food that comes from the field to the table, compared to that which is being brought in from another country to the Produce Shop.

Farmers Market Shopping

The negative aspects that can be found when shopping at a Produce Shop can be turned into positive ones when buying the required foods at the farmers market. Prices are lower and food is fresher, but even just as important is the taste of the food that is being grown and purchased locally is much better. Another great advantage of buying that which is produced from the local farmers is the support that is given to them to encourage them in their farming activities.