Working at a Farmers Market

Happy beautiful blonde woman buying food at the local city market.

Farmers markets need a lot of different staff members to keep the market running smoothly. Depending on the venue, they may need even more support to set up and clean up each market. Below are some of the types of jobs typically available at farmers markets.

  • Setup Crew

Making sure the market is set up nicely is very important. Markets often have many signs to hang, communal tents to put together, and sometimes tables and chairs to set up. They need crew members that can help them to quickly and efficiently put the market together.

  • Cleanup Crew

While many farms have their own booth equipment, there will likely still be a lot of cleaning up that needs to happen after each market. Sample cups find their way to the ground instead of the trash, booths leave debris behind, and everything needs to be left in pristine conditions. Farmers markets will sometimes hire staff to make sure everything is left the way they found it at the market venue or location.

  • Booth Staff Members

This job typically depends on each business that attends the market. They will hire friendly and knowledgeable staff to work at their booth. It is important to present a positive face to the community, as these members will be meeting a lot of people at each event. They will likely be asked a variety of questions about the goods they are selling. Additionally, staff members might be required to hand out samples of the items they are selling at the booth to entice customers to visit and hopefully buy something.

  • Event Organizers

A lot of work goes into creating a farmers market. These events need to be meticulously laid out to ensure that they are easy to navigate. Maps are often created to help guide visitors to the booths that interest them most. Depending on the size of the market, additional resources like public toilets and information booths might also be necessary.